Current Pictures at Marburger Orchard


Strawberry Harvest 2010




Strawberry Field March 5, 2010

Great growth over the winter! (compare to the October photo just after planting)


Rolling up one of the frost protection covers for the third time this season, after being applied the day before our 1 inch SNOW on February 23rd!  More than likely, we will be doing this several more times over the next three or four weeks.


Lots of blooms that will be ripe berries in about 30 days, with just a few that have already dropped their pedals and will be ready sooner.


The first week of April should have a heavy concentration of ripe berries!


A few blooms got "zapped" by an unexpected 25 freeze on the morning of Feb. 18th, just after we removed the covers the day before, after being on for three weeks.  The blooms needed to be exposed for bee pollination, and we knew that the next several days were going to be too windy and wet to handle the covers.  So, we gambled, and lost about 25% of the open blooms.  (Strawberry plants continue to bloom for a couple of months.)